Easy step by step instructions for Apple ID account deactivation

Every Mac, iPhone or iPad user probably also has an Apple ID account as well. This is the case because this account is required if you want to use the App store or iTunes.

If for some reason you have decided that you do not need your Apple ID account anymore then you may be surprised to hear that removing your apple ID is not a simple task and that Apple does not allow it. However, even though it is difficult, that does not mean that it is impossible to do. In this article I will teach you how to successfully deactivate your Apple ID that you no longer use and which is no longer connected to any devices or services.

Deactivate Apple ID

Info for Apple ID account deactivation

Please note that there is no official method for Apple ID account removal, but two unverified methods which will help you do it:

  • Method 1:

Dial the number 1-800-MY-APPLE and ask for the Apple ID account removal service. Remember that there are rumors which say that in most cases Apple does not remove the account and those only small numbers of users have found success with this method. But, considering the fact that it is a free method, it is worth giving it a try.

  • Method 2:

The second method requires from you to sign in to My Apple ID website and change the primary email address that was linked to your apple ID. By doing this you will not permanently remove the Apple ID account but you will only remove the main email address.

How to deactivate your Apple ID on MAC

In order to deactivate the Apple ID from your MAC computer, you must sign out of your account from it. Remember that once the sign out is completed all of your Contacts, mail, reminders, notes, photos etc… will be de-synced.

  • Open System Preferences—tap iCloud—Select Sign out
  • After you have successfully singed out you can decide whether you want to keep a copy of your contacts, mail, notes etc. or if you wish to permanently delete them

De-authorize your Apple ID account from iTunes

  • Go to iTunes and press on Store button which is on the right on the top menu bar
  • Press De-Authorize this Computer
  • Sign Out from your account

Now deactivate your Apple ID account on your iPhone

  • open Settings-iTunes and go to the App store
  • Select your Apple ID
  • Sign out

In order to deactivate your Apple ID, it is required that you first sign out from all the devices and apps on which you have used it before. They can be the Facetime app, Apple Store, iBooks, iMesages etc…

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