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The procedure of removing your SoundCloud account is not difficult as difficult as you may think. The audio distribution platform SoundCloud which is based in Berlin, Germany is very popular among independent musicians and content creators who (surprisingly)upload around twelve hours audio material every minute and they get up to 200 million monthly listeners on the service.

The mobile app of Soundcloud is with good design and easy to use, but unfortunately the new update in which the upload functionality was removed has made many users to simply give up on the service.

In this article I will explain to you how to remove your SoundCloud account and how to permanently delete all the data from the service.

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First check the SoundCloud data policy of removal

The fact that SoundCloud is based in Germany requires from the users to follow the Germany data protection laws. This means that the data retention policies guiding online services which are based in your country do not apply here. In other words this means that by deleting your SoundCloud account you will also delete all the associated data with it from the servers. This includes all the sounds you have uploaded from your account and the data usage which is associated with these sounds.

The company regulation states that because of the requirement to abide by the data protection regulation laws of Germany, they are obliged to completely delete all the data when requested by the user.

And in case you have changed your mind and you want your old account back, you have very little time to restore the deleted content.

How to delete SoundCloud Account

To remove your SoundCloud account thru the Mobile app for iPad and iPhone you will need to use the web service to access this feature. Before you are allowed to remove the account you must first remove all the connected apps. To do this simply click on the Revoke Access button which can be accessed by going to the Connection section – Connected Applications—Revoke Access.


Launch on your PC and login to the service with your current account.

Press the three dots button which is positioned in the right corner. From where select Settings.

Once you are at the Settings Page go to the Account section and press the Delete Account Link.

You may tell SoundCloud the main reason on why you have decided to leave the service. Once you are all set, press on “Yes, I agree to delete my account and all of my comments, tracks and stats”. Now press the Orange button “Delete my Account” which is located at the bottom.

The account will now be scheduled for deletion and will be removed from the service in the allocated time.


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