Info on how to unlink your phone number from iMessage

If you also belong in the category of iPhone users with iMessage purgatory syndrome then this guide is just for you. Knowing that many people who have used iPhone for a short time and switched to Android device immediately afterwards still have their phone number connected to iMessage, they are now unable to receive text messages from other iPhone users due to the fact that the iMesages are no longer delivered since you use Android device now, it is important to learn how to unlink your phone number from the app.

Apple is well aware of this problem but unfortunately, the company is still without a working solution to this issue. However, if you also have this problem, you will be happy to hear that there is one simple method which works perfectly fine and will help you remove your phone number from the iMessage app in less than five minutes.


All that you need to do is to follow my short instructions and you will get the job done immediately:

  • First, unregister your phone number from iMessage app
  • Go to My support Profile which can be found on the official website of Apple and Sign-in into your Apple ID account.

If you no longer own that particular iDevice, select the iPhone model you want to unregister and press the “Unregister” button to confirm the action. Once the procedure is completed, you will be shown a validation screen message.
And that’s it; the instructions are short and easy to follow. Just make sure that you follow them exactly as provided and you will have no problems unlinking your phone number from your Apple ID. After the unlink is successfully completed you will be able to receive text messages on your Android device without problems and without having to worry that they may be changed into iMesages.

However, you should also have in mind that nothing is one hundred percent certain and that in certain situations you still may experience certain difficulties while trying to unlink your phone number from the iMessage app. In case this method proves to be unsuccessful and it does not work for you, you can try to completely disable the app. To do this open Messages Settings Disable iMesages. Alternatively, even if that does not work for you, you can simply tell all your contacts to delete your phone number from their phones.

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