How to Avoid iCloud Lock on iPhone 11 Pro MaxXS Max XR X 8 7 Plus

Most of us want to learn in the 2019 year the proper iCloud activation lock methods and because of that we diligently search the internet for reliable iCloud solution to successfully Bypass the iCloud activation lock. It is well known that anyone who owns the iPhone which is iCloud locked has a hard time dealing with this problem. However, the new research and the development of the latest methods specialized in dealing with the iCloud lock problem has made things much easier now.

There are several reasons for why there are a lot of iPhone, iPad or iPod touch gadgets which are iCloud locked and blocked by the activation screen. It is perfectly understandable that this problem can happen to anyone. It can occur due to the simplest reason for forgetting one’s own password, but sometimes it can be due to losing the device or it is stolen. It is of no importance on why you are having iCloud lock issues at this moment, but what is important is how to deal with it and to learn more about it. Unfortunately, in the past, there were not actual services which could’ve help solve this issue and many people were left frustrated without a solution.

However, everything has changed now. At this point, there are at least two working methods which can be used to fix the iCloud lock and the activation screen on any iPhone model or other Apple gadget.

Guideline for iCloud Lock Road

As I have mentioned, there are at least two methods which can be used to bypass the iCloud lock on your handset. The first method is by some norms considered the standard one and it requires the user to bring the iCloud locked device to some Apple store.

It is also required that when you use Apple’s services to repair the iCloud lock, to bring ownership proof i.e. original invoice in order to verify that you are the real owner of the Smartphone and that it is not stolen.

If you can verify that you are the owner, you need to pay for the iCloud lock fee and after a few weeks, the iCloud lock will be permanently Bypassed from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

However, it is perfectly logical to understand that there is a group of users who simply cannot use this method, just because they have not purchased brand new Apple device, but instead they have bought it from internet stores or different second-hand retailer.

In case you belong in this group, then you know from firsthand how difficult is to confirm that you are the genuine owner of the device and that it will be very difficult to ask Apple to remove the iCloud lock.

Alternative Bypass iCloud Activation lock solution

If you are unable to use Apple’s services to bypass the iCloud activation lock, then do not be worried because you can use an alternative method to fix this. This alternative method is very popular in the iOS community because it is very effective, it does not cost money and it is safe to use. IT has been introduced just recently and in case you have been dealing with iCloud activation lock problems for a while, then this method will surely help you.

Official Method to Avoid Account Locking

To start the process go on these online services. Thank on this method, you can easily Avoid the activation screen lock from your iPhone 11 Pro Max, XS Max, XR, X, 8, 6S Plus, 6S, 6, 6+, using only the IMEI code. This means that you will need to enter your iPhone IMEI code and alter the Bypass program will use it to delete the locked iCloud account directly from the database of Apple. Once the account is deleted you will be allowed to create a new one.

With the bypass method, you do not need to send your iPhone anywhere, because it is required that you only use the program using our verified servers. There are several links available, each containing a different variant of the program. Each version has a description and is compatible with a different set of devices. For example, there is one version for Windows operated PC, other for MAC, as well as for tablet or Smartphone.

Just get the version you need and follow the onscreen instructions. You will see how easy it is to turn-off the iCloud account lock.


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